Tuesday, April 14, 2015

April 20th Workshop


9AM to 4PM, April 20, 2015
MacFarland Methodist Church

Debby Maddy will teach sewing on silk and will have lots of silk fabric for sale.  You can also purchase kits for the table runner for a special price of $43.00. There is still room for you in the class. Call Carolyn Miltiadou to register.

Debbie teaches such basics as what needles to use, how to pin and how to stop unraveling, as well as ways to add texture through such techniques as needle felting, pin  tucking, decorative stitching, washing and drying, scrunching and pleating. Debbie also will  show quilters how to embellish silk with buttons, beads and fibers as well as how to use some of the feet you already have with your machine to enhance the silk. http://www.calicocarriage.com