Thursday, April 19, 2012

May 21, 2012: Sabrina Diehl

One of our own, Sabrina Diehl from Moore, OK, will be the guest speaker at the May guild meeting. Sabrina writes, "How do I quilt this quilt?"....or what does "quilt as desired" mean?   Don't you just love it at the end of most quilt patterns is the phrase, "quilt as desired?"  What does that mean, exactly and what does that tell me as the maker of the quilt? Absolutely nothing except the designer of the pattern probably didn't do the quilting or they would have included diagrams for that as well.
For those of us who love the quilting process, and even for those who do not, making decisions on how the quilt should be quilted is a daunting task.  Sometimes the quilt speaks to us in quiet tones of swirls and feathers and other times the quilt top just lies there not saying a word.  If the quilting of the quilt top is not your "thing," please take it to one of our wonderfully talented long arm quilters to complete the magic that is your quilt.  These gifted ladies (and gentlemen) would also prefer to have your input as to the personality of the quilt and the designs you see quilted into it.   
Our program will be an in-depth discussion of how to approach those decisions concerning the quilting of the quilt top.  From ideas that pop into your head while you are piecing to the grand design you found in a book, we will see how the different ideas affect the personality of your quilt.  The harmony that should be the quilt top and the quilting together can really make your quilt sing.  Join us for a look at this last process in the completion of your quilt.

The workshop:  Doodling 101
Cost:  $20   10:00 - 4:00
For the workshop, we will be making a "doodling" sampler.  Sabrina will provide a kit with the materials you will need and we will have a thread bar to allow you many different threads with which to play. This workshop is for those who have attempted free motion quilting and are somewhat comfortable with that technique.  You don't have to be a whiz at it but please be familiar with your machine and the set up needed for free motion.  This is an exciting class where we play at making our quilting designs a focus by themselves.  So come, expand your repertoire of quilting designs and see what you can do with your machine.  Make sure your machine is cleaned, oiled, and in best running order so that we don't have any machine problems.  Please bring basic sewing supplies such as scissors and a thread stand would be helpful, if you already have one.  To sign up for this workshop, contact Theresa Duval, Program Chair, at  Click here for the supply list.   

Wanted: Judge for The Grand Lake O' The Cherokees Quilt Guild 2013 Quilt Show

The Grand Lake O' The Cherokees Quilt Guild Committee responsible for acquiring a judge for their 2013 quilt show is seeking a judge for the show.  The show is over a year away in 2013, but they would like to get a judge locked in.  Anyone interested in being a judge or knowing someone they could contact, please contact Peggy Johnson at