Sunday, October 2, 2011

November 21, 2011 Meeting 7pm


The documentary 'Stitched' was the big talk in Houston. Stitched is a film that follows three quilters between 2009 and 2010 as they create their quilts for the judged show. It is a wonderful film, full of what really goes on in the big quilt shows (even showing scenes of the actual judging of the quilts for the 2010 IQA and AQS shows). The film shows honest opinions, moments of fun, and gets up-close and personal in the lives of the three quilters. 

In this 72-minute documentary, these quilters create their pieces to compete in the 2010 quilt show.  Stitched reveals stories of friendship, passion and art. It also highlights the divide between traditional and art quilters. Other quilting rock stars including Ricky Tims are interviewed in this film. Karey Bresenhan, Nancy Puentes O'Bryant, Jake Finch, Meg Cox, Libby Lehman and Mark Lipinski also make appearances.

Some of the film was shot in Paducah, Kentucky, the location of the nation's second largest annual quilt show hosted by the American Quilter's Society. Filmmakers also visited Randall in his Rochester, New York home and Hollis in her Hillsborough, North Carolina studio.

Here are some quotes from the film:

More than 60,000 quilters attended the show in 2010.
There are 21 million quilters in the United States.
Behind every stitch is a story. 
Many quilters go from sewing to quilting and more recently art to quilting.
In 2010, there was 3.58 million dollars spent on making and buying quilts.
Quilters spend more money on quilting than hunters, fishermen and golfers.

This fun-filled documentary highlights the bonds of friendship amongst quilters.  Bring your friends and your hand sewing projects for a sit ‘n stitch.

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