Tuesday, July 26, 2011

August 15, 2011 Program

NAQG Members Quilt and Craft Garage Sale

Anything Quilt/Craft related. This is your chance to sell some of the old to make room/money for the new. If you are not using it, don't let it clutter your creative space. Give up some of your stash fabric, threads, buttons, crayons, beads, yarns, rubber stamps, paper, stencils, books, patterns, containers, sewing cabinets, machine . . . .Are you getting movitated yet? Or perhaps you have made some items that you would like to sell. For only $10.00 a table (this is money going to your guild) you and a friend can share a table and make yourself, AND someone else happy. Your rejects are someone else’s treasure. When the sale is over you will have the opportunity to donate your unsold items to ways and means; again benefiting your guild.

We will also have some quilt tops that have been donated to NAQG for auction/sale and the money will be donated to community quilts.
Contact: Colleen Bouchard 329-6449 to reserve your table. If you want to advertise the items you have for sale, send me an email at cbouchard@juno.com with your list.

One members list:

Fabric, Charm Squares and Fat Quarter Bundles, Crushed Walnuts in Quart Bags for Pincushions; Brand New Dritz Small to Large Plastic Containers (the Good ones), Books, Patterns, Homemade Pincushions, and More!

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